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Shovel operators are needed to drive and move heavy machines at construction sites. These machines are used to load and unload loose material and have scoops, buckets and shovels attached to them. The job requirements is to have hard working, as well as those depicting sincerity with good eyesight, listening power, and excellent eye-hand coordination.

Responsibilities of a skilled shovel operator:

  • Inspect machines prior to operating them.
  • Work in accordance with the team mates and obeys orders sincerely and competently.
  • Properly understand the construction plan and work as per the given plan and procedure.
  • Assess the problem areas and resolve them using the best available resources.
  • Knowledge of the machine design, tools, and repair and maintenance of the machine.
  • Maintain high standards of safety and security at work place and be careful of not damaging property.
  • Highly driven and skilled to face challenges and meet the expectations of the employer.

Interested candidates must have a graduation degree and a valid license to drive heavy vehicles including cranes, tractors and shovels.

Rahat Enterprises is a leading manpower recruitment agency in Qatar and aims at satisfying employers and candidates alike. Our recruitment experts shortlist only those candidates who excel in their fields with their hard work, knowledge and sincerity. Our candidates showcase all of the above mentioned qualities and are trained to deliver their best.

Contact us for more information related to recruitment of hardworking and proficient shovel operators.

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