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Marine engineering is the stream of science that includes the engineering of boats, ships, oil rigs, engineering of boats, other marine vessel or structure, as well as oceanographic engineering. This field of study deals with Underwater Engineering. Marine engineers are skilled in designing of ship, constructing and maintaining of ship, boats, submarines and any other underwater equipment.

Rahat Enterprises provides talented candidates for various Marine Engineering positions.

Basic responsibility of Marine Engineer: 

  • Determine a systematic layout with an elaborate drawing of the project in hand.
  • Knowledge of latest technologies to enhance performance ensure best outcomes.
  • Accurate designing, installing and maintaining of the marine equipment.
  • Identify any defect, damage of error in the equipment and report it to the higher officials.
  • Inspect the suitable conditions for carrying out tests and record it for further use.
  • Step by step document the different phases of test operation.
  • Ensure the safety and working standards are maintained while operating the equipment.
  • Build a camaraderie with the team members for better coordination and speedy completion.

We at Rahat Enterprises have served satisfactorily to the needs of various employers in the field of shipping, maritime research, and petrochemicals. We make all attempts to find the most right talent matching your requirements. We assure that the candidate has graduation or preferably a post-graduation from recognized universities in relevant disciplines with practical knowledge. The Candidate should have a prior work experience of at least two years in related industries.

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