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Requirement of automobile engineers is on a constant rise because of the automobile market being flooded with potential manufacturers. The primary role and responsibility of an auto engineer is to modify existing engines or altogether develop a new one for the betterment of the industry as a whole. The drafter is assisted by him to build superior designs of the engine, body and other important parts of an automobile.

Prime capabilities of an Auto Engineer:

  • Identify and resolve any problems pertaining to the technical aspects of design and customer satisfaction.
  • Knowledge of the latest up-gradations in technology and
  • Carefully analyze the technical data and use it for better results.
  • Implement technical knowledge and analytical skills to develop better designs.
  • Ensure the job is completed within the prescribed budget and timeline.

 Requirements of an Automotive Engineer are to:

  • Carefully study and construe the proposed design in detail.
  • Interpret the functioning of the different auto parts using detailed drawings of the designs and plans.
  • Identify any defects, failures or faults in the machine and its maintenance.
  • Manually and graphically test the successful working of the prototypes.
  • Supervise the appropriate installation of different auto parts.
  • Critically observe the working and sustenance of the machines in extreme environment before going ahead with final installations.
  • Take the personal onus to physically test driving every automobile and personally checking for any faults and resolving them.

To fulfill the need of our clients in an appropriate manner, we only suggest candidates with a graduate degree in automotive programming from a recognised university and work experience of at least more than 3 years in the industry. We at Rahat Enterprises are aware of the needs of the clients and hence provide them with  supreme manpower solutions for various positions.

Do give us a call for more information on our consultancy services in the automotive industry.

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