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Event Promoter Job Description

Grow Your Brand with Event Promoters

Event Promoters are recruited for the primary purpose of handling a successful completion of the Event. Without an Event Promoter, the event may not end on a high note and thereby lose its importance. An event promoter advertises and promotes the event via mass media or personal media. Rahat Enterprises is in the business of understanding requirements of various businesses & many countries with skilled Event promoters and their managers.

An Event Promoter devotes many hours for the event to get completed on pre decided time. Event promotion includes verbal conversation, newspaper ads,TV ads and radio ads as well. The events are also promoted via social networking sites and channels like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. The role of an event promoter is to ensure proper management and coordination. The promotion can be done as full-time or part-time depending on the type of event. Event Promotion on a large scale is executed by Promotion Managers.

An event promoter needs to be skillful and should have a pleasing personality with an ability to convince sponsors and businesses to the event. Rahat Enterprises provides experienced and smart event promoters across the globe.

For more information of event promoters, contact Rahat Enterprises.

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