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Touted as the world’s richest country as one of the biggest economies, Qatar recorded the highest GDP per capita in the world of 59,330.86 USD. Rahat Enterprises offers recruitment services in Qatar to meet the growing requirement of manpower with skilled labour.

Qatar’s rich Oil and Natural Gas reserves attributes the most in its rocketing Economic growth. This growth demands for huge manpower requirement in the country. Apart from this, marine and civil construction engineers are in high demand in Qatar to help in building infrastructure and maintaining of oil refineries. Marine Engineers are needed to solve the challenges related to underwater oil extraction and transportation. Qatar’s high economic growth also demands qualified bankers and its beautiful pearls needs Marketing Executives, Brand Managers, Event Managers for their promotion, marketing and selling.

Qatar is actively recruiting in the education and healthcare department, thereby increasing the demand of qualified professors, teachers, researchers, doctors, and nursing staff. The awareness of Hospitality is not just limited to hotels but also in Education Institutions, Banks, Hospitals, etc. We offer recruitment services to many other industries in Qatar for IT Technicians, Management Trainees, and Project Managers and other skilled professionals.

Customized recruitment solutions are developed by Rahat Enterprises through systematic methodology to help employers from Qatar.We have the skills to help you with talented and experienced candidates to fit the accurate requirements.

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