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Research Assistants do research and are able to utilize the resources available to them for finding data relevant to the project that they are given to work on. These resources include the web, market or online surveys, legal documentation, published sources, interviews and many other such means. Usually, research assistants are undergraduates who assist senior professors and researchers working on publications. However, there are those research assistants who make this a career path and they are typically found working for novelists, reporters or other social science or laboratory settings. Interested candidates must have a bachelors’ degree or an associate degree strictly relevant to the field of work.

Some of the skills needed by a research assistant include having excellent communication skills. A research assistant needs to be able to speak and write clearly about their findings, and follow verbal and written instructions perfectly. A research assistant also needs to pay special attention to detail as finding the right information takes concentration and focus. They should have excellent analytical skills honed by critical thinking so that they can filter useful and correct information from the vast amount of information that they would have. Finally among the many other skills required, it is important they possess technical skills as they will be required to use the computer in a variety of ways to find and record information.

Rahat Enterprises is known for expediting the recruitment process of efficient and effective manpower from around the world. One such area is that of finding qualified Research Assistants. We provide employers with reputable, well trained and experienced research assistants. More information on recruitment of Research Assistants can be found at Rahat Enterprises.

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