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Heavy Driver Recruitment Services

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Heavy drivers are required for driving and operating vehicles with capacity of more than 3 tons. They are required to transport material either to the construction sites or waste dumping grounds. Heavy drivers must be physically fit as the job demands climbing, lifting and positioning of material. The job of a heavy driver requires great confidence and concentration while operating machines. He must have excellent hand-eye coordination and speedy reactions.

The responsibilities of a heavy driver are:

  • Recording material transported to and from the site.
  • Loading/unloading the material and make sure the material quantity is well within the load-limit of the vehicle.
  • Proper tying and covering of material to ensure secure delivery.
  • Maintenance of the machines.
  • Proper controlling of machines to avoid accidents.
  • Work in coordination with other team mates and follow the instructions properly.
  • Own a valid heavy vehicle driving license with no negative record.

Rahat Enterprises specializes in professional recruitment of skilled, experienced and efficient heavy drivers. Our candidates are trained to deliver their best and prove themselves as an asset to the company and employer.

For more information related to recruitment services of efficient and hardworking heavy driver, contact Rahat Enterprises.

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