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Recruitment Services for Security Supervisor & Security Officers & Guards

Hire Proficient Security Officers and Guards

“With great powers, comes great responsibilities.”

The ever growing economy and improving lifestyles has also upped the need for careful security. Be it security from theft, nasty behaviors, illegal activities or just peace of mind – knowing that there is a security personnel around provides a great deal of confidence.

Rahat Enterprises specialize in providing world-class recruitment services to ensure safety and security for both – personal and commercial entities. These security guards or security supervisors are proficient to sense any malicious activity and act proactively. They could either be employed at residential or commercial locations like shopping malls and plazas, banks, government offices, hotels, hospitals, and schools.

We are mindful of the implications of the job and hence forward the candidates after strict and timely screening process to check the background and experience of the candidates. We don’t hesitate in sharing the resumes of the shortlisted candidates before finalizing in case you would like to have a look and inquire about anything.

It is mandatory for interested individuals to have substantial background of working as a security personnel. Candidates with experience in the police or military department will be preferred.

Post your recruitment requirements here and our team will get in touch with you very soon.

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