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Recruitment Services for Ship Operator, Voyage Manager & Vessel Operator

Best Recruitment Services for Shipping Industry

Rahat Enterprises has provided world-class recruitment services to shipping companies over many years now. We are the best recruitment company adhering to the laws and following our core values of not settling for less. And along with our impeccable and long-term recruitment solutions, our services are ranked ahead in terms of service and price,which leaves our clients to focus on their prime business and research while we take proper care of their staffing and headhunting requirements. Our manpower and Staffing solutions with a quick turnaround time is worth appreciating.

Key responsibilities of Ship (vessel) Operators or Voyage Managers are:

  • Handling administrative jobs like communicating, instructing agents, routine operations, calculating delays, and managing shipment/cargo dues
  • Ensuring a smooth logistic by coordinating with everyone in the supply chain right from production units and suppliers to commercial points and receivers
  • Determining, completing and rechecking all administrative, operative and other tasks that need to be completed when the vessel enters as well as leaves the port
  • Following company strategies in terms of maintenance of and execution in the vessel
  • Observing the vessel performance and reporting of any malfunction or foreseeable error.

Areas of shipping industry we cater to are:

  1. Engineering recruitment
  2. Staffing for shipping and logistics
  3. Hospitality in Luxury & Cruise and vessels
  4. Sales managers
  5. Executive level positions for shipping and marine trade.

We provide the talent required to cater to your vacancy.Please leave your details here and we shall get back to you in maximum of 48 hours.

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