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Recruitment Services for Logistic Coordinator

Hire Efficient Manpower in Transportation and Logistics

Logistic coordinators are recruited by companies to oversee the proper functioning of the entire project. The primary responsibilities of a logistics coordinator are managing inventory, packaging, transportation, and warehousing. Their other responsibilities include:

  • Proper planning and execution of tasks.
  • Excellent communication, managerial and interpersonal skills.
  • Ensuring prompt availability of the resources as and when they are needed.
  • Effective management of transporting the resources. For example, a logistics coordinator in a retail firm is responsible for movement of garments, footwear, mannequins, store decoration materials, etc. Likewise, a logistics coordinator for an import-export firm is responsible for tracking the shipment and ensuring that the shipment arrives on time.

Interested candidates must possess good interpersonal, analytical and problem solving skills. Many companies prefer candidate with a bachelor degree in logistic. Experience in alternate fields such as event management is an added bonus.

We, at Rahat Enterprises provide manpower solutions to numerous clients worldwide. We have a large database of potential candidates that will not only fit the job requirement, but also fit into the company’s culture. We aim at the satisfaction of both the employer and the candidate. Get in touch with us now for your manpower requirements.

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