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The electro-mechanical technicians is responsible for combining their in depth knowledge of mechanical technology and knowledge of electronic and electrical circuits. They test, operate, and maintain unmanned, robotic, automated, or electromechanical equipment.

Primarily work in manufacturing industries, utilities, and research and development fields.They have an expertise in designing and testing robotics.Their work profile includes the combination of mechanical knowledge along with electrical and electronic circuits. They work in close coordination with electrical and mechanical engineers. They serve the purpose of serving in maintenance, installation, operation and repair of unmanned,mechanical,automaton vehicles and electro-mechanical equipment in several industries.

Job responsibilities of electro-mechanical technicians include:

  • Test all electro-mechanical equipment periodically by employing voltmeters, oscilloscopes, microscopes, bridges, etc.
  • Assemble the equipment after carefully analyzing the blueprints, diagrams and schematics
  • Use various tools, templates like soldering and fabricating equipment to assemble and install the components of the equipment
  • Document the test results carefully to use for further tests
  • Inspect and repair any defect in or malfunction of equipment
  • Distribute oil and oil products accurately for usage in generators and other equipment
  • Operate fabrication machines to make fixtures and fittings
  • Develop, test and train others to program and install new robots
  • Be calm and act quickly in case of any emergency.

We only believe in giving our clients the best and this attitude has earned us respect in the industry. We appoint graduates with higher technical education, expertise in computer application, and prior work experience. They must possess appealing skills of communication and must also be able to work under pressure within limited deadlines.We have a system in place which is adhered to while selecting candidates that includes pre-screening procedure,background verification followed by interviews to select the talented professionals.

We are always eager to serve the best possible solution to our clients with the best possible methodology we have.

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