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Account Executives are a critical part of the marketing department in any company. Their primary job is to liaise with the clients and vendors to ensure the project is moving according to the plan. Alongside, they are required to check if the client is satisfied with the progress or the final product. The specifications of the role may vary depending on the industry. So, if in an advertising firm, they are needed to liaise on creative and branding jobs, in a finance firm, they will be required to carry out communications pertaining to agreed contracts.

Interested candidates should realise the importance of being alert, aware and active to have a successful career as account executive. A degree in MBA or Journalism will be preferred. Considering the competitive market, work timings may not be adhered to even when specified. Long hours and high pressure is quite a norm in the life of a successful accounts executive. Having a pleasing personality with good interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively are a pre-requisite.

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