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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Rahat Enterprises: Leading Recruitment Agency for providing Customized Manpower Solutions within India and Abroad

Website Usage Agreement of Rahat Enterprises since June 2006

The Agreement administers the usage of Rahat Enterprises website, including the content, scope, and staffing services.

We expect you to respect our terms and conditions while using our website.  Every time any information provided on the Rahat Enterprises Website is used, the user is expected to administer the usage with prudence and acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Operations of Rahat Enterprises Website

Rahat Enterprises is a registered company with the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India. Our diligent team of IT experts manage the operations of our website. We are based in Mumbai – the city that never sleeps.

Website Access

Permitting and withdrawing access to our website is completely our prerogative. We may, however, share the access codes with our clients and candidates as a part of the recruitment process requirement. Duplication of any of our content/software is a punishable offence.

Transaction Policy of Services Offered

Our esteemed senior management oversees and directs the clauses of the agreements pertaining to recruitment services. It is therefore advised to ensure that all discussions and expectations are communicated and agreed upon in emails before going ahead with any financial transactions.

Hacking or Spamming the Website, Inflicting Viruses

Any form of damage to our intellectual property (website content, software) is a serious offence. This includes breaking in to our website by linking your website to ours, jamming our website by sending unnecessary and unreal queries and requirements about staffing needs, inflict technology to block certain links and infuse virus. Any of the above and other related actions will be tried under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.


Any offender of our terms and conditions will be tried under the Indian Law according to the penal codes and Acts constituted by the Government of India. For other countries, the offenders will be charged as per the prevailing laws for trying the unlawful in the respective countries.

Terms & Conditions for Our Domestic and International Clients 

Domestic Clients

Apart from the service fee, our Indian clients are required to pay the following taxes as levied by the Government of India:

  1. CTC = 8.33%
  2. Service tax = 15%
  3. GST = 18%

International Clients                                                                                                              

Apart from the basic payments, our clients from across the globe are required to provide the following details on their company’s letter head, officially stating:

  1. Job description
  2. Job requirement
  3. Duration of Contract (minimum 2 years)
  4. Working hours
  5. Number of candidates required
  6. Basic salary including allowance and increments
  7. Promotions
  8. Leave allowance and weekend policy
  9. Any other relevant information pertaining to the job and contract.

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