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A Ready mix pump operator is a very skilled machine operator working on construction job sites. A pump operator travels from one or even two different job sites per day. They have to be efficient enough to drive tractor-trailers/trucks efficiently.This kind of engineers are essentially required to manage the loading/unloading of building material at sites of construction using heavy machinery.

An efficient ready-mix driver makes sure that the machine is working properly and can be utilized at construction sites for delivering concrete, cement and other construction material. The construction site can be of industrial, commercial or residential nature. He needs to be sensible enough to understand his position and deliver material on time. He must operate the machine carefully to avoid any accident.

Interested candidates must have a valid heavy machine,driving license along with a clean driving record. He should have a good knowledge of trailers, tractors and trucks, and should be aware of how to repair, maintain and operate the machines when needed. The job is physically challenging and thus demands a physically fit individual who can work in dusty/dirty working conditions.Excellent hand-eye co-ordination along with no hearing or speaking disability is mandatory.

Rahat Enterprises is a leading manpower recruitment agency catering to the needs of employers with recruitment of hardworking and experienced ready mix drivers. For more information related to recruitment of ready mix drivers, contact us.

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