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Recruitment of Construction Engineers

Recruit Skilled and Experienced Construction Engineers

Construction Engineers are recruited to strategize and execute the given construction project by supervising the assigned construction work and liaison between contractors as well as construction workers and laborers.


Responsibilities of a Construction Engineer are:

  • Getting approvals from the clients on the design and cost of the project
  • Mindful determination of project requirements and representing them accurately in the drawings
  • Formulating the budget and ensuring it is maintained through the completion of the project
  • Ensuring all legal formalities/government policies pertaining to the land are completed/adhered to before beginning to work on the project
  • Regular inspection of the construction site to ensure that the work ethics is maintained and the project is progressing as planned
  • Periodic reporting of stage-wise completion of the construction project
  • Maintaining a healthy work environment at the construction site between all the construction workers and other unskilled laborers.

Key requirements in a Construction Engineer

The construction engineer should be:

  • Medically certified as physically fit and mentally stable to perform a high degree of physical work in tough conditions
  • Able to work for long hours and shifts
  • Team player with leadership qualities to guide the workers on the project
  • To Make sure that the proposed design is suitable for a healthy and comfortable living
  • Competent to complete the construction work on time without compromising on safety and strength
  • Good at drawing budgets and estimations
  • Cognizant of the latest trends in construction technology and have a working knowledge of CAD (Computer Aided Design).

Interested candidates must hold a post graduate from recognized universities along with a Bachelor’s degree in architectural,engineering, structural engineering or civil engineering and have an experience of more than 3-4 years specifically in the construction industry.

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