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With growing global average temperatures the demand of Air Conditioning and AC technicians to provide service for these air conditioning systems is on a rise. In the corporate world, air conditioning directly affects the productivity of the workforce, and therefore maintaining a well air conditioned environment is mandatory. Similarly, electronic majors that sell Air Conditioning systems also need AC technicians to provide un-interrupted after-sales service to consumers.

At Rahat Enterprises International recruitment agency, we closely analyze your requirement and provide suitable candidates who can fulfill the job description. The experience and IQ of the candidates is equally, and sometimes of more weightage, than educational qualification. This determines how they react to difficult situations while on duty. Our candidates are proficient in handling all kinds of air conditioning equipment like window ACs, central air conditioning systems with tower cooling or cryogenic cooling for intense freezing.

Interpersonal skills is as important as technical proficiency and we verify the candidate’s track record with previous employers. Problem solving skills, communication skills in English, Arabic, Hindi or your local language is also strictly considered. We assure you of providing the best recruitment solutions so that you can focus on your core business without having to worry about HR processes and other recruitment troubles. Contact Rahat Enterprises for more information or submit your vacancy here to get started.

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