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Recruitment of Masons, Marble Fixers, Tile Setters

Hire Affordable Unskilled Labor for Construction Sites

Infrastructure development is the most important area that many countries, especially developing ones, are focusing on. Apart from engineers, architects, and planners, one must not forget the implicit involvement of the unskilled workforce comprising of masons, tile setters and marble fixers. The Middle East, especially Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Jordan, have been employing them in huge bulk for enhancing their architectural masterpieces.

Masons, tile setters and marble fixers come under the ‘unskilled manpower’ category as they are not technically qualified people, just like excavatorsshovel operators, ready-mix pump operators and heavy equipment operators. But they have amazing creative inclination and tremendous work experience which enhances the beauty of a building in a very cost-effective way. They carefully follow the instructions from the architects or engineers and skillfully complete their jobs.

Rahat Enterprises guarantees to provide the best-in-the-field masons to work on your construction projects. Our qualified recruitment team will ensure you get the right people to help carve your dream.

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