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Tunisia recruitment agency

Tunisia Recruitment Agency

Tunisia has a high per capita GDP of 3688.65 USD despite being the smallest nation in North Africa. With an area covering only 165,000 sq km, Tunisia has the Mediterranean waters guarding its north and east borders.

For the past decade, Tunisia has seen chief reforms with its economy gradually moving towards a liberal one and has emerged as a major exporter of textiles, semi-finished clothing, agriculture produce, machinery, electronics, and chemicals like hydrocarbons and phosphates.

The sectors that are key contributors to Tunisia’s economy are mining, manufacturing, textile, agricultural, electrical equipment, footwear, and locomotive engines.

Tunisian textile is brilliantly crafted and weaved which makes it very popular among many parts of the world. This increases the demand for these garments, thereby increasing its export as well as for skilled workers in Tunisia.

Petroleum and service industries have also seen a rapid growth over the last few years, thus creating a need for the recruitment of skilled manpower in Tunisia.

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