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With 10% of the world’s oil reserves, Abu Dhabi is profoundly referred as the largest oil reserve in UAE. Abu Dhabi initiated exporting oil in 1962 and has henceforth served as the major oil exporter to many of the developed as well as developing countries. For maintaining itself on its reputation of the ‘wealthiest city of UAE’, Rahat Enterprises helps Abu Dhabi employers with its well renowned recruitment services.

Abu Dhabi’s dynamic and sizable tourism industry contributes majorly to its economy.With an area of over 65,000 sq km, many corners of the city form a significant tourist destination. Supervisors, engineers, planners, and laborers from across the world are being employed here and trained in the proper maintenance these destinations.

Abu Dhabi also hosts a number of trade fairs and conventions for the visitors. Rahat Enterprises help accomplish the city’s need for bulk manpower which can efficiently plan, execute and promote these events. Not only that, our recruitment services are preferred in various other industries like civil and infrastructure construction, oil extraction units, automobile, etc.

Rahat Enterprises offer perfect recruitment services to its employers and candidates. Our highly qualified candidates have appropriate industrial experience. We believe in adhering to stern recruitment procedures to ensure only the relevant fit are forwarded to our clients.

For more information related to recruitment in Abu Dhabi, call Rahat Enterprises.

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