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According to IMF, Philippines is the 34th largest economy in the world with a per capita GDP of 2,951.07 USD. With the collective population of all the 7,107 islands, Philippines is the 7th most populated country in Asia with a population of approximately 105 million. The industries that majorly contribute to its economy are agriculture, mining, manufacturing, electronics, steel plants, readymade garments and mining for the backbone of the economy. Philippine enjoys huge amounts of foreign direct investments in its mining sector making it one of the biggest contributor to its economy.

Philippines’s economy is, at present, in transit between being a predominantly agriculture-based and a majorly industry-based, post which Philippine will all set to be in the race of one of emerging markets in the world.

With the growth in various sectors apart from agriculture and mining, Philippine is abundantly hiring qualified and skilled professionals like engineers: civil, sanitation, chemical, pharmacists, environmentalists, fish and food technologists, architects, geologists, educationists: career counselors, personal counselors, librarians, teachers, healthcare: doctors, nursing staff, medical technologists, aviation technicians: assembly, test, maintenance, pilots.

We at Rahat Enterprises have helped innumerable clients across the world in fulfilling their professional recruitment needs. With an experience of over ten years, we are adept in correctly understanding and catering to your staffing needs. Our recruitment experts work towards fulfilling your needs in the most professional manner so that you get the best fit for your skilled manpower requirements.

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