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Singapore, or the island country, requires world-class marine development. Also, being one of the five busiest ports of the world, maintaining the sea links, routes and ports according to the international standards is mandatory. Skilled Marine Engineers and Civil Engineers are required to design and implement plans of underwater construction. Singapore is the prime exporter of chemicals to various parts of the world for which recruitment of Chemical Engineers is in dire demand.

Electronic exports accounts for one-third of Singapore’s total exports, thus serving the world with a platter of software solutions. This creates a mega demand of electronic and computer engineers.

Tourism is the major industry and therefore the need for skilled professionals in Singapore who can host the international tourists is very high. The country focusses on recruiting skilled professionals like tour planners, trip advisors, event managers, tour promoters and many more.

Our database provides for excellent recruitment solutions of tour planners and promoters, financial planners and advisors, civil and marine engineers, etc.Rahat Enterprises eaves no stone unturned to provide Singapore with best in class recruitment services for various types of industries.

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