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Kuwait is a petroleum-based economy and touted as the 4th richest country in the world per capita by the World Bank. Being the 5th largest reserve of oil and gas in the world, its economy’s main concentration is on the oil and gas industry.

High per-capita income justifies Kuwait’s much flaunted high purchasing power and love for high-end brands. This again is cultivating the need for qualified personnel to represent the sales and marketing of high-end luxury brands. Simultaneously, related industries that fall in the luxury bracket have also shown a raise in the demand for manpower. These include fashion designers, jewelry designers, automobile engineers, and cruise liners. Also, the need to focus on infrastructure development, hospitality, education and health care is high which means the need for professional recruitment in these areas is high.

The impact of development in other important and highly developed cities like Erbil, Riyadh, Jeddah, Damman, Sharjah, and Dubai in the neighboring countries of Iraq and Saudi Arabia has also influenced the economy and thus the manpower requirement situation in Kuwait.Ranging from top positions like Directors/CEOs to engineers to workers in bulk, we have the complete manpower solutions to suit your business needs.

Rahat Enterprises has been passionately engaged in providing qualified and customized recruitment services to the companies in the Gulf and west Asia for over a decade now.

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