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Recruitment Solutions in Jordan

Meeting the High Demand for Skilled Professionals in Jordan

Jordan, set in the narrow valley alongside River Jordan, is described as ‘Medium Human Development’ country. Marine Engineers and Construction Engineers are most needed to implement long-term and profitable plans in a country like Jordan,where water needs are met by neighboring countries, making the water supply expensive.

Likewise, the home-production of electricity is quite inadequate and is therefore fulfilled by the backing of the adjacent countries. Hence, Electrical Engineers are in much demand for Jordan to become self-sufficient in power supply. Also, the need of Financial Advisors has increased after the report of Human Development for the year 2011.

For catering the Health Care reforms of Jordan, Doctors and Nursing staff from around the globe are being recruited in Jordan. Jordan is amongst the highest in the world for its average life expectancy. To enhance economic growth Jordan promotes tourism, creating demand of tour planners and tour promoters.

Farming experts are required to help and develop farming techniques in order to have greater yield in a basically Agriculture-dependent country like Jordan.

Rahat Enterprises help with recruitment solutions in Jordan and provides the best workers like Civil Engineers, Financial Advisors, Marine Engineers, Farming Experts, Electric Engineers, Tour Promoters and other skilled professionals. We support you with candidates who are well educated and hold certification from reputed universities and have required work experience of at least 3.5- 4 years.

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