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Malaysia is principally an agricultural country with agriculture contributing up to 12% to national GDP and providing employment to 16% of the population. So the need for Farming experts is crucial for a better yield.

Its fast industrial development requires skilled Construction Engineers for infrastructure planning and implementation.

Being a major exporter of petroleum products,Malaysia needs qualified and experienced marine and construction engineers for extracting and refining these products. The most important mode of trading in Malaysia is through safe and economical shipping routes for which Marine Engineers are essentially recruited to develop the same.

Tourism is Malaysia’s strength and contributes to nearly 15% of the national GDP. Malaysia needs experienced event organizers, event promoters and tour planners to globally promote tourism in Malaysia. However, being a developing country, Malaysia needs proper management in order to get developed in the near future for which it is focusing on hiring professionally qualified and highly experienced Financial Planners.

Malaysian water bodies have become immensely polluted due to the increase in heavy tourism. Maintaining the water bodies is remarkably important as Tourism Industry is key to Malaysia’s economy. And hence, scientists and environmentalists are urgently required to combat the pollution problems in Malaysia.

Rahat Enterprises provides the best recruitment solutions to Malaysia. We provide the best-in-the-industry skilled professionals who are not only qualified and but also experienced in diverse fields like banking, financial planning,researchers,farming experts and event and tourism planners and promoters, etc.

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