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Recruitment service from India

Recruit from the world’s best talent pool

India forms the world’s largest talent pool that is capable of successfully catering to the professional recruitment needs of companies across the world. The best thing about hiring from India is that one is guaranteed of the best in the market aptitude at affordable prices.

Rahat Enterprises – a Government of India (Ministry of Indian Overseas Affairs) approved recruitment agency – comprehends the recruitment requirement with great precision and churns out the most profitable recruitment solutions quickly. Our exclusive database has the best-in-the-industry talent with significant experience in the relevant industry. We primarily focus on providing recruitment services to south-east Asia, Australia, Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

Rahat Enterprises is known to maintain its standards and work ethics high. Our motto is customer satisfaction and we ensure that our clients as well as our candidates are properly taken care of. Our highly qualified and professional team of recruitment experts diligently examines all the resumes before classifying them under various categories like specialization, experience, etc.

Alongside, our IT experts are also building a user-friendly and fast system for ease of talent hunt. This system will have better options for storage and extraction of candidate data thus making the whole process tough to hack and quicker to access.

Handling Long-Term Talent Hunt from India

Rahat Enterprises provides staffing solutions to take care of both – urgent vacancies as well as periodic hiring. We maintain a large talent reserve which keeps expanding because of our incessant hunt for fresh candidates. Our wide network connects with suitable candidates across the globe which further enhances our talent reserve. We facilitate with the end-to-end recruitment services at a pre-decided and agreed upon rate.

Services Offered

  • Aptitude scrutiny, evaluation and validation
  • End-to-end Recruitment Services
  • Periodic, full-time and part-time hiring to suit business diversification and expansion
  • Employee induction into the company


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