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Dubai is the most popular among the seven states in the UAE. Located along the Persian Gulf line, Dubai is a favorite port of the shipping companies. Though primarily an oil and gas pumped economy, the past few years have seen Dubai emerge as a major trade and business center. The well-known tower or “Burj” – Al-Arab and Khalifa – witness enormous transactions on a daily basis.

Dubai is lovingly known as the Global City which is actively seeking skilled, proficient and diligent workers to sustain its economy and boost further growth. The infrastructure and construction development in Dubai takes place rampantly which further requires efficient engineers and unskilled workers to accomplish the projects.

Tourism is also a major contributor to Dubai’s economy and to manage the massive immigration every year, the city needs appealing tour planners and promoters.

Rahat Enterprises is the leading manpower recruitment agency helping Dubai with its exclusive recruitment services. We help hire the perfect candidate in the most confidential and timely manner for various industries like engineering, IT, airline, oil and gas, tourism, hospitality, etc.

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